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 It is economic slavery, the savage struggle for a crumb, that has converted mankind into wolves and sheep ... My prison-house ... is but the intensified replica of the world beyond, the larger prison locked with the levers of Greed, guarded by the spawn of Hunger.   -  Alexander Berkman

Author: Alexander Berkman
Born as: Ovsei Osipovich Berkman
Other Names: Alexander Berkman
b. 21 November 1870
d. 28 June 1936
Occupation: Anarchist and writer.
Works: Selected Works: Prison Memoirs of an Anarchis - 1912. Also known as What Is Communist Anarchism? and What Is Anarchism?. The Bolshevik Myth - Diary 1920-1922 - 1925 Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism - 1929.
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