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 Take off your cloak of dread Take up the seed Learning to grow is love Fear is the root of greed.   -  Bill Mollison

Author: Bill Mollison
Born as: Bruce Charles Mollison
Other Names: Bill Mollison
b. December 1928
Occupation: Researcher, author, scientist, teacher, naturalist, visionary and Father of Permaculture.
Works: Selected Works: Permaculture One: A Perennial Agriculture for Human Settlements, with David Holmgren - 1978 Permaculture Two: Practical Design for Town and Country in Permanent Agriculture - 1979 Permaculture - A Designer's Manual - 1988 Introduction to Permaculture - 1991 The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition - 1993 Travel in Dreams: An Autobiography - 1996 The Permaculture Way: Practical Steps To Create A Self-Sustaining World, with Graham Bell - 2005 Smart Permaculture Design, with Jenny Allen - 2006.
Family Ties:
Landmarks: Co-developed Permaculture with David Holmgren.
Notes: Loves wine, women and water chestnuts.
Source: Permaculture 1.
Submitted By: Unknown

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