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 The dynamo of our economic system is self-interest which may range from mere petty greed to admirable types of self-expression.   -  Felix Frankfurter

Author: Felix Frankfurter
Born as: Felix Frankfurter
Other Names: Felix Frankfurter
b. 15 November 1882
d. 22 February 1965
Occupation: Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
Works: Selected Works: Cases Under the Interstate Commerce Act; The Business of the Supreme Court - 1927 Justice Holmes and the Supreme Court - 1938 The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti - 1927 Felix Frankfurter Reminisces - 1960.
Family Ties: Mother Emma Winter Father Leopold Frankfurter, six children.
Landmarks: Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court In office, 1939 1962.
Source: Unknown
Submitted By: Unknown

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