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 The playwright is one of the audience who happens to know how to speak.   -  Arthur Miller

Author: Arthur Miller
Born as: Asher
Other Names: Arthur Miller
b. 17 October 1915
d. 10 February 2005
Occupation: Dramatist and novelist.
Works: Selected Works: Stage plays: No Villain - 1936 They Too Arise - 1937, based on No Villain Honors at Dawn - 1938, based on They Too Arise The Grass Still Grows - 1938, based on They Too Arise The Great Disobedience - 1938 Listen My Children - 1939, with Norman Rosten The Golden Years - 1940 The Man Who Had All the Luck - 1940 The Half-Bridge - 1943 All My Sons - 1947 Death of a Salesman - 1949 An Enemy of the People - 1950, based on Henrik Ibsen's play 'An Enemy of the People' The Crucible - 1953 A View from the Bridge - 1955 A Memory of Two Mondays - 1955 After the Fall - 1964 Incident at Vichy - 1964 The Price - 1968 Fame - television play, 1970 The Creation of the World and Other Business - 1972 The Archbishop's Ceiling - 1977 The American Clock - 1980 Playing For Time - television play, 1980 Elegy for a Lady - short play, 1982, first part of Two Way Mirror Some Kind of Love Story - short play, 1982, second part of Two Way Mirror I Think About You a Great Deal - 1986 Playing for Time - stage version, 1985 I Canít Remember Anything - 1987, collected in Danger: Memory! Clara - 1987, collected in Danger: Memory! The Last Yankee - 1991 The Ride Down Mt. Morgan - 1991 Broken Glass - 1994 Mr Peterís Connections - 1998 Resurrection Blues - 2002 Finishing the Picture - 2004 Non-fiction: Situation Normal - 1944, is based on his experiences researching the war correspondence of Ernie Pyle. In Russia - 1969, the first of three books created with his photographer wife Inge Morath, offers Miller's impressions of Russia and Russian society. In the Country - 1977, with photographs by Inge Morath and text by Miller, provides insight into how Miller spent his time in Roxbury, Connecticut and profiles of his various neighbors. Chinese Encounters - 1979 is a travel journal with photographs by Morath. It depicts the Chinese society in the state of flux which followed the end of the Cultural Revolution. Miller discusses the hardships of many writers, professors, and artists as they try to regain the sense of freedom and place they lost during Mao Zedong's regime. Salesman in Beijing - 1984 details Miller's experiences with the 1983 Beijing People's Theatre production of Death of a Salesman. He describes the idiosyncrasies, understandings, and insights encountered in directing a Chinese cast in a decidedly American play. Timebends: A Life, Methuen London - 1987. Like Death of a Salesman, the book follows the structure of memory itself, each passage linked to and triggered by the one before. Radio plays: The Pussycat and the Plumber Who Was a Man- 1941 William Irelandís Confession - 1941 Joel Chandler Harris - 1941 Captain Paul - 1941 The Battle of the Ovens - 1942 Thunder from the Mountains - 1942 I Was Married in Bataan - 1942 Toward a Farther Star - 1942 The Eagleís Nest - 1942 The Four Freedoms - 1942 That They May Win - 1943 Listen for the Sound of Wings - 1943 Bernardine - 1944 I Love You - 1944 Grandpa and the Statue - 1944 The Philippines Never Surrendered - 1944 The Guardsman - 1944, based on Ferenc MolnŠrís play The Story of Gus - 1947 The Reason Why- 1970 [edit]Assorted fiction Focus - novel, 1945 The Misfits - short story, 1957 I Donít Need You Anymore - short stories, 1967 Homely Girl - short story, 1992, published UK as Plain Girl: A Life 1995 The Performance - short story Presence: Stories - short stories, 2007 Screenplays: The Hook - 1947 The Misfits - 1961 Everybody Wins - 1984 The Crucible - 1995 Collections: Kushner, Tony, ed. Arthur Miller, Collected Plays 1944-1961 - Library of America, 2006 Martin, Robert A. - ed., "The theater essays of Arthur Miller", foreword by Arthur Miller. NY: Viking Press, 1978 Steven R Centola, ed. Echoes Down the Corridor: Arthur Miller, Collected Essays 1944-2000, Viking Penguin - US/Methuen - UK, 2000.
Family Ties: Parents Isidore and Augusta Miller, second of three children. First wife Mary Slattery- 1940-1956, two children, Jane and Robert. Robert, a writer and film director, produced the 1996 movie version of The Crucible. Second wife Marilyn Monroe - 1956-1961 Third wife Inge Morath - 1962-2002, two children.
Notes: Arthur Miller was ordered to appear before The House Committee on Un-American Activities, HUAC or HCUA, 1938Ė1975, with Marylin Monroe accompanying him. Miller was found guilty of contempt of Congress in May 1957, because he would not name any other person - Miller was fined $500, sentenced to thirty days in prison, blacklisted, and disallowed a U.S. passport. In 1958 his conviction was overturned by the court of appeals, which ruled that Miller had been misled by the chairman of HUAC.
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