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 When a writer knows home in his heart, his heart must remain subtly apart from it. He must always be a stranger to the place he loves, and its people.   -  Willie Morris

Author: Willie Morris
Born as: William Weaks "Morris
Other Names:
b. 29 November 1934
d. 02 August 1999
Occupation: Writer and editor
Works: Selected Works: My Dog Skip My Cat Spit McGee Faulkner's Mississippi Good Old Boy: A Delta Boyhood Good Old Boy and the Witch of Yazoo The Courting of Marcus Dupree New York Days The Last of the Southern Girls My Mississippi Terrains of the Heart and Other Essays on Home Ghosts of Medgar Evers Homecomings South Today Always Stand in Against the Curve, and Other Sports Stories Yazoo: Integration in a Deep-Southern Town North Toward Home After All, It's Only a Game Prayer for the Opening of the Little League Season James Jones: A Friendship Taps.
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