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 The Federal Highway Administration should essentially recognize that later-year funding in the program will be subject to state legislative action, and that happens in many states.   -  Brendan Gill

Author: Brendan Gill
Born as: Brendan Gill
Other Names:
b. 04 October 1914
d. 27 December 1997
Occupation: Author
Works: Selected Works: Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright Here at The New Yorker Late Bloomers Portable Dorothy Parker - Dorothy Parker biography - 1972 New York Life: Of Friends and Others Cole Porter - Cole Porter biography - 1972 Tallulah - Tallulah Bankhead biography - 1972 Ways of Loving - short stories - 1974. Summer Places - with Dudley Whitney Hill - 1978 Lindbergh Alone - May 21, 1927 - 1980 The Dream Come True: Great Houses of Los Angeles - 1980 Fair Land to Build in: The Architecture of the Empire State - 1984 The Trouble of One House - 1951 The Day the Money Stopped - 1957
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