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 Our offense really needed that. We've been waiting for that all season. We knew how to do it, we just had to execute and at least for one inning, we did that. Hopefully we can keep it going.   -  Brendan Gill

Author: Brendan Gill
Born as: Brendan Gill
Other Names:
b. 04 October 1914
d. 27 December 1997
Occupation: Author
Works: Selected Works: Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright Here at The New Yorker Late Bloomers Portable Dorothy Parker - Dorothy Parker biography - 1972 New York Life: Of Friends and Others Cole Porter - Cole Porter biography - 1972 Tallulah - Tallulah Bankhead biography - 1972 Ways of Loving - short stories - 1974. Summer Places - with Dudley Whitney Hill - 1978 Lindbergh Alone - May 21, 1927 - 1980 The Dream Come True: Great Houses of Los Angeles - 1980 Fair Land to Build in: The Architecture of the Empire State - 1984 The Trouble of One House - 1951 The Day the Money Stopped - 1957
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Source: Unknown
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