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 If an application did come to me, I would have to satisfy myself that compelent doctors would administer the drug in safe circumstances to women who had fully considered the alternatives and understood the risks.   -  Tony Abbott

Author: Tony Abbott
Born as: Anthony John Abbott
Other Names:
b. 04 November 1957
Occupation: Leader of the Opposition in the Australian House of Representatives - Federal Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia
Works: Selected Works: Battlelines. Carlton Victoria Australia - 2009 How to Win the Constitutional War: and give both sides what they want - 1997 The Minimal Monarchy: and why it still makes sense for Australia - 1995.
Family Ties: Spouse Margaret Aitken, three daughters.
Landmarks: Bachelor of Economics - Sydney University Bachelor of Law - Sydney University Master of Arts - Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University Journalist - The Catholic Weekly and National Journalist - The Bulletin Journalist - The Australian Supporter of the constitutional monarchy in Australia. Studied at a seminary, St. Patrick's Seminary at Manly, in theology, to prepare for ordination as clergy.
Notes: As Opposition spokesman on Indigenous Affairs, Abbott spent weeks teaching in a remote Aboriginal settlements in Cape York in 2008 and 2009, organised through prominent indigenous leader Noel Pearson. He taught remedial reading to Aboriginal children; worked with an income management group, helping families manage their welfare payments; and visited children who had not been attending school - with a goal 'to familiarise himself with indigenous issues'.
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