Youth Quotes

 To make good use of life, one should have in youth the experience of advanced years, and in old age the vigor of youth. 
Author: King Stanislaus Leszczynski
Nationality: Polish
b. 20 October 1677  - d. 23 February 1766
 Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind. You are as old as your doubt, your fear, your despair. The way to keep young is to keep your faith young. Keep your self confidence young. Keep your hope young. 
Author: Luella F. Phean
Nationality: Polish   
 Severity and repression of the old type, however, almost certainly carried with it in adolescence, disturbance, confusion and the necessity of revolt. 
Author: Dora Russell
Nationality: English
b. 3 April 1894  - d. 31 May 1986
 The first few albums I bought, I guess around high school age, I had a John Lee Hooker album and a Bo Diddley album, and then some singles. 
Author: Warren William Zevon
Nationality: American
b. 24 January 1947  - d. 7 September 2003
 He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future. 
Author: Adolf Hitler
Nationality: German
b. 20 April 1889  - d. 30 April 1945
 Donít be afraid to be a fool. Remember, you cannot be both young and wise. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it. Because cynics donít learn anything. Because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness, a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us. Cynics always say no. But saying yes begins things. Saying yes is how things grow. Saying yes leads to knowledge. "Yes" is for young people. So for as long as you have the strength to, say yes. 
Author: Stephen Colbert
Nationality: American
b. 13 May 1964
 But you have one thing that may save you, and that is your youth. This is your great strength. It is also why I hate and fear you. Hear me out. It has been said that children are our future. But does that not also mean that we are their past? You are here to replace us. I don't understand why we're here helping and honoring them. You do not see union workers holding benefits for robots. 
Author: Stephen Colbert
Nationality: American
b. 13 May 1964

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