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A Short Biography of Dr. Samuel Johnson

Author Name:

Dr. Samuel Johnson

Born As:

Samuel Johnson

Other Names:

Dr. Samuel Johnson


18 Sep 1709


13 Dec 1784

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Lexicographer, critic and writer                          
Selected Works:

Essays, pamphlets, periodicals:

Plan for a Dictionary of the English Language - 1747
The Rambler - 1750 - 1752
The Adventurer - 1753 - 1754
The Idler - 1758 - 1760
Preface  - To The Plays of William Shakespeare - 1765
The False Alarm - 1770
Thoughts on the Late Transactions Respecting Falkland's Islands - 1771
The Patriot - 1774
Taxation No Tyranny - 1775


London - 1738
Prologue at the Opening of the Theatre in Drury Lane - 1747
The Vanity of Human Wishes - 1749
Irene, a Tragedy - 1749


Preface to Dictionary of the English Language - 1755


The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia - 1759                                              
Mother Sarah Ford
Father Michael Johnson
Wife Elizabeth Jervis Porter, who had previously been marriedd to Samuel Johnson's friend, Harry Porter. Harry Porter died, leaving his wife and three children. Johnson was twenty five years old, and Elizabeth was twenty one years older.                                              
After nine years of work, Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language was published in 1755.