People born on March 6

Author Nationality Profession Birth Year
Tyler The Creator American American rapper 1991
Alan Davies English Comedian and actor 1966
David Gilmore English Rock Musician and Atheist 1946
Marion Barry American Politician 1936
Gordon Cooper American Astronaut 1927
Alan Greenspan American Economist and administrator 1926
Stanislaw J. Lec Polish Poet 1909
Ring Lardner American Humorist and short story writer 1885
George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier British Artist and novelist 1834
Elizabeth Barrett Browning English Poet 1806
Cyrano de Bergerac French Dramatist and soldier 1619
Francesco Guicciardini Italian Historian, dramatist and statesman 1483
Michelangelo Italian Renaissance painter, architect, poet, sculptor and engineer 1475